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Ready the Challenge San Gil training plan by TEAM MACCA X

Posted on: Sunday 15th February 2015

The special training plan for Challenge San Gil and other Challenge Family events are ready to be used by triathletes of different levels and abilities.

TEAM MACCA X, a first class team that has triathletes with thousands of Triathlons of experience and wins!!! is lead by Chris MACCA McCormak and Belinda Granger. Two great triathletes legends that have the support of highly experienced Triathlon coaches, had announced today the special training plans of 15 weeks for every Challenge Family event around the world. These training plans are made specially focused on each event, and are is sold in a very special price for Triathletes who will be attending the Challenge Series races.

For Challenge San Gil, a main focus on the bike course is important, as the 90 km bike course has a series of uphill’s that will be the main challenge to all participants. The link for the Challenge Training plans is the following.


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