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Race week for Challenge San Gil Querétaro 2015

Posted on: Saturday 13th June 2015

Everything ready for the first ever Challenge Family event in Mexico. With a strong elite field, and more than 900 triathletes ready to test the challenging San Gil course, next weekend with have a lot of action.

The elite pro field continues to grow, and finally Mexico veteran multiple champion confirmed his participation in San Gil. Arturo Garza have won the San Gil Triathlon event in multiple formats including Olympic, Middle distance (68.8K) format, and finally last year as an 113K event. This year Arturo will find a tough competition including a new generation of great triathletes as Mauricio Mendez and two young top contenders from a the USA. Justin Metzler and Rodolphe Von Berg Jr.

Challenge San Gil a una Semana
The list continues, two more elite triathletes, one from Spain and the other a new comer from the USA. Victor Arroyo Bugallo a well known professional that had raced in Mexico several times will be racing and AJ Bacuco, a top triathlete in long distance events will be testing himself in the middle distance format of Challenge San Gil.

From Mexico, a good list of new elite athletes will racing, some of them testing for the first time the Challenge San Gil Course and all of them looking for a place in the podium. Oliver Gonzalez has been in the podium in San Gil, Esteban Rosas, Vinicio Ibarra, Jose Javier Sanchez, Gil Rivera, Jorge Alberto Vazquez, Alfonso Magaña and Diego Fernandez will be racing the great Challenge San Gil pro field.

The women´s race has a smaller field, but the quality of the participants is really high. Lauren Goss, Cecilia Perez, Anna Clever, Fabiola Corona, Kathy Rakel and recently registered Sarah Cannetto, will have a great duel next Sunday.

Official Challenge San Gil Men´s elite Field

1.- Nathan Killam
2.- Mauricio Mendez
3.- Brian Fleischmann
4.- Oliver Gonzalez
5.- Jorge Fuentes
6.- Guilherme Ferreira Campos
7.- Victor Arroyo Bugallo
8.- Vinicio Ibarra Coria
9.- Esteban Rosas
10.- Diego Fernandez
11.- Javier Sanchez Cornejo
12.- Justin Metzler
13.- AJ Baucco
14.- Gil Rivera Morales
15.- Alberto Vazquez Arellano
16.- Alfonso Magaña
17.- Rodolphe von Berg
18.- Arturo Garza Heiras

Official Challenge San Gil Women´s elite field

1.- Fabiola Corona
2.- Anna Cleaver
3.- Lauren Goss
4.- Kathy Rakel
5.- Cecilia Perez Flores
6.- Sarah Cameto

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