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Results Challenge San Gil 2017

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We Are Triathlon


CHALLENGESANGIL triathlon event, will consist of a 1.9km swim, followed by a 90 km cycle and finally a 21 km run. The Challenge San Gil Queretaro circuits are not only distinguished by its beautiful scenery, but also for its climbing in the bike course, variation of landscapes and the lake scenery.


Swim Circuit Challenge San Gil
The swim circuit is a single lap course inside of the residential artificial lake. The race begins on left side of the San Gil Deck and ends in the right side of the spring, after the athlete swim following al the lake perimeter, that will be marked with a good number of swim boys. From the swim exit, the athletes will run 330 meters to T1 that is located in the Futbol Soccer court.

Swim Map Challenge San Gil


Challenge San Gil Queretaro swim exit to Transition Area


Transition Challenge_San_Gil

Transition Area Map Challenge San Gil


Bike Circuit Challenge San Gil
The bike course is full of landscapes (specially mountains) with long and steady uphills and at the end a long downhill. This track is technical and demanding, in some moments faster than the rest. The riders complete one long loop of 90 km along the cities of Huimilpan and Amealco, passing through some of “the sierra of Queretaro Mountains” and a small canyon.

Challenge San Gil 2017 Bike circuit

The cycling segment departs from SAN GIL and continues through highway No. 120 and the athletes will ride about 6 kilometers before making a right turn to the San Fandila Highway. The circuit will continue until km 27.5 where the first U turn will take place, and the bike circuit will continue until a small right turn the the highway of Escolasticas, where a small segment of a 4.5 kilometers loop will take place to return again to the San Fandila highway.

Athletes will then ride back thru the San Gil – Amealco No. 120 Federal Highway, to start the  uphill thru small town called Puerto de Alegrias is located. After Alegrias, the ride continues in an up hill lower grade and at km 67, where a third U turn will take place to start the final Downhill to San Gil Residential área.

Located in kilometer 67 the second and final U turn takes places, and a long downhill of 23 kilometers takes place.

Athletes recover for the uphill in the last part of the bike course, as it is a long 34-kilometer descent.


Run Circuit Challenge San Gil
The running segment of Challenge San Gil Queretaro is really nice and flat. The course elapses entirely through the residential area of San Gil. TWO laps which alternate between the concurred Boulevard of the residential area, letting all athletes companions see their athletes as they run thru the main lake side km 1 & 12 of the Challenge San Gil half marathon.

Run Map Challenge San Gil

Probably the hardest part of the run course is know called the “Bermuda Triangle”. Located in near the golf holes No. 2 & 3 of San Gil.



The finish line will be situated at the futbol soccer court that is located near the tennis area of San Gil, and in San Gil central area.

We Are Triathlon