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Challenge San Gil

The 2018 event will be the twenty-eighth anniversary of the race and the forth year as a Challenge Family world Series Triathlon event in Latin-America. The event will take place on Sunday the 8th of July, 2018.

Five reasons to race:

  1. One of Mexico´s favorite races and one of the most traditional Triathlon event in the county.
  2. Probably Mexico’s most challenging bike course to date.
  3. The race is held in a beautiful Private Community Resort, with a private Lake and Golf Course.
  4. Queretaro is the second safest state in Mexico.
  5. Queretaro is one of Mexico´s richest Historical cities and state, well combined with a Modern and industrial capital.

Since 1991, San Gil is one of Mexico´s top Triathlon locations; this triathlon venue is well known to Mexican triathletes. The race is held in the state of Querétaro, one of the fastest growing athletic communities in the country.

The event has a long history hosting Olympic and Sprint distances races in the 90´s, and in the past 6 years the race switched to Half distance to promote longer distance triathlon events in Mexico.

With a really enthusiastic Mexican triathlete community that year after year fill up the event, the race is ready to host a good number of international athletes from all over the world, that will have the chance to race in the heart of Mexico.

Queretaro, also known as “Santiago de Querétaro” and it is located 190 kilometers north of Mexico City, it a Colonial Turistic destination with lots of attractions for triathletes and their families. One of the safest States in Mexico, a great chance to get to know the “real” Mexico. Queretaro is well known as a Mexican Independence State, athletes and their families can revive the Independence of Mexico in the streets of Querétaro and enjoy as an example, having a typical meal at a bullring restaurant, or having a hotel party in Queretaro Downtown and probably end with a tour of a relaxing ecotourism destination. 

San Gil also has San Juan del Río city nearby. San Juan del Río is an important industrial territory near to the capital city. At the same time, its tourist attractions are increasing constantly. Many of the hotels in this municipality are found in luxurious colonial haciendas. Besides, it was a key point during the historical development of the country and it also has a peculiar museum: the Death Museum. This precinct is located in an old cemetery with 450 graves; it offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

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